The Ecstacy and the Agony of Lyrics

Lyrics are like ecstacy and agony at the same time. Whether writing them or hearing them, they evoke. Maybe Facebook needs and “Evoke” button, because I’m not sure what the “Poke” button is supposed to be about LOL.

I’m carrying my notebook and electronic devices in a more creative way of late.  If I’ve learned anything in my life, I have learned that when I hear an inkling of a muse calling, I need to drop just about everything and follow it or it will leave for an undetermined length of time.  Even if it is an inconvenience, I should do it and not feel guilty or self-indulgent.  Amazingly, I always find a way to live on less sleep or whatever it takes.

Now to find a way to make sure more of my ideas find a way to completion.   The few completed songs I have to claim came in an epiphany moment–through a joke, a play on words, a conversation or online texting.  Other times, I’ll listen to a song and be intrigued or disturbed by a line or word choice and suddenly a germ of an idea pops into my mind.

The current lyric came this morning as I was pondered multiple songs I listened to right before falling asleep.  It’s another extended metaphor thing.  I hope it won’t come out forced or contrived.  It’s seeming pretty natural, getting the point across without forcing the related terminology.  I have enough lyrical lines and partial stanzas to make a song already…It’s now a matter of flowing the concepts, finishing empty spots.  I think I have a couple verses if I can string them right, most of the chorus and a bridge going here.  It’s also more prose oriented, with a rhythmic and rhyme scheme, then a line or two that finished the segment out of that pattern.  We’ll see what that does come melody time..

Thanks for reading…Pop a comment my way if you have a perspective on lyrics, the creative process, or life.   Enjoy!

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