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The Ecstacy and the Agony of Lyrics

Lyrics are like ecstacy and agony at the same time. Whether writing them or hearing them, they evoke. Maybe Facebook needs and “Evoke” button, because I’m not sure what the “Poke” button is supposed to be about LOL. I’m carrying … Continue reading

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It’s Coming on Christmas – A Cappella Bravery     circa 2011 A Cappella singing is a brave thing to do.  You can’t hide behind the acoustics and harmonics of an instrumental accompaniment.  To sing a cappella by yourself allows for a certain freedom, but is even … Continue reading

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Vulnerability in the Creative Process A/K/A Make Lemonade

LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Little Drummer Boy Rough Demo Circa 1993, Steve Adams and I were doing some creative sessions, and we decided to mess around with Christmas music.  He was noodling around with the little progression used as interlude between … Continue reading

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The Only Christmas Tree For Me – Original

The Only Christmas Tree for Me – Danielle Blanchard Original  Click Link for AUDIO I have never found writing songs to be an easy thing.  I have piles of lyrics with no melody and almost as many unfinished lyrics.  The times … Continue reading

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Expectations can be a tricky thing to juggle.  There are expectations we place on an event or situation.  There are certainly expectations put upon us by our life and career responsibilities and work/social cultures.  Then there are the expectations we … Continue reading

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Casting – Bologna Sandwich Method

I took a workshop from Tom Madden, head of the Metals Department at the College for Creative Studies.  It was entitled “Pewter, the Other White Metal.”  We learned a bit of history and properties of pewter.  We learned about the … Continue reading

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Casting Metalsmith Bootcamp Notes

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Picture a nice day in August 2011. With little sleep the night before, I was able to concentrate quite well by sheer desire.  I’ve made a low temperature 2-part rubber mold and a higher temperature see-through silicone rubber mold (RTV) … Continue reading

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