In the Moment: A Ponderance

A dear friend and former student wrote tonight about the feeling of always wanting more–moments, chances, discoveries…Unrelated, and started writing my thoughts.  You can view this yearning feeling as a curse or a blessed excitement, and I try to embrace it as wanting to experience life to the fullest.  As I age, I try to open up and risk after all the hurts, disappointments, almost, betrayals, failed attempts.  It’s hard not to dwell in the past, or to believe it’s not too late when there is less road ahead than behind.  The following paragraph flowed as I pondered what my friend wrote about her quest for MORE…

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.. Always wondering if we did enough, served enough, were loved or accepted. Did I have enough fun? Did I trust too little, too easily? Did I miss a chance because I was preoccupied with something or someone? The questions are endless. We can embrace our curiosity and call it something cool and ambitious, or we can bet ourselves up for it. Our mindset changes with sleep, events, other people’s influence, hormones and more. What remains a consistent truth between is that we will always only have the moment we’re in. If we are more than 50% content in that moment, it seems we have achieved more than many. Very can nab that other 49 %. When we get a chance later.

What do you think?  Feel free to share in comments.  Reference song lyrics. Movie quotes or anything that has meaning for you.  Just don’t spend too much time pondering or you’ll miss the moment you are in.

I’ll start…  “Hanging By a Moment” -Lifehouse

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