From a series inspired by the Gulf Oil Spill. The ironic 'beauty' of oil and water

I am a studio vocalist, recording artist and vocal coach in addition to being a budding metalsmith artisan. I have very eclectic taste that ranges from traditional — to blingy — to organic — to sleek and modern. Most of my work involves stones of some sort, and some of my jewelry contains freeform cabochons where I did the lapidary grinding as well.  I like to help non-profits and charities, so if you are involved with a group interested in doing a passive fundraiser (such as my music jewelry line), contact me to discuss how easy it is at www.DanielleBlanchardJewelry.com

“I never had the opportunity to take formal instruction in visual art while in school.  I am a music teacher and recording artist—a voting member of NARAS and 13-time Grammy nominee.  My “Jazz Portrait” album still sells all over our little planet.”


10 Jazz & Blues songs from the heart and sung with soul

“My path to knowledge in metalsmithing has been a crooked one, taking a workshop here and a project class there.  I started learning basic soldering at Livingston Gem & Mineral Society.  Since then, I’ve studied with Lesley DiPiazza at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.  Some notable single topic workshop teachers have been Jiro Masuda, Tom Madden, Mary Kernahan, Cindy Moore, and Renee Zettle-Sterling.

I also enjoy doing some of my own lapidary work, creating freeform cabochons to set in my metal work.  My tastes in metal are as varied as my music.  I naturally tend to favor shiny metals, faceted stones and ornate designs, perhaps because of my years on stage needing to be sparkling and noticeable.  More and more I find I also enjoy a clean and simple look, or a combination of textures that give contrast or depth with polished accents.

When you’re done viewing and purchasing some unique items from my collection, check out the live performances and CD


and Egyptian Asp of silver swirls around the finger until it arrives at the Blue Topaz Eye

on www.DanielleSings.com too.


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